Dec 24

Healthy Food For Good Health OF Poultry

With time everything regarding our choices has changed. We go for Quality oriented ingredients and not Quantity oriented ingredients.

Right now poultry is a very important industry, which is growing rapidly. Many people at present consume meat, especially in countries like US and China meat is the first preference over anything vegetarian. With the increasing demand for meat quality is also demanded by people. If you’re into poultry industry, you would know, poultry, similarly to other animals, produce proteins which have twenty different amino acids. Birds are inept in synthesizing 9 of such amino acids sincethey lack certain enzymes: isoleucine, arginine, lysine, leucine, phenylalanine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine and valine. Glycine, histidine and proline could be synthesized by the birds, however, the rate is typically in adequate for meeting the metabolic requirements and a dietary source is needed.

With many companies working under poultry sector, there are only some companies who use the top grade ingredients and proper practices. Two very essential ingredients in poultry feed are:


Let’s check about these ingredients and find out how these are Helpful?

DL-METHIONINE is a compound with supreme power used in a variety of animal feeds today. The chemical known as Amino acids is widely used in feed for poultry and pigs. It is such an important ingredient that it is used in animal food also such as pedigree.

It is very important to know the storage condition in which it should be kept and it should keep in such a way that is does not get spoiled. DL-Methionine Feed Grade should be kept in airtight containers and should be stored in cool & dry place. These are the necessary storage conditions.

Like other birds chicken also needs a good amount of amino acids for protein, strength and muscle power. The most important amino acids for poultry are:


These are very important ingredients to be included for poultry food, these ingredients play a vital role in the health of the birds so that they remain healthy for producing eggs. There are many antibiotics for poultry so that the output should be healthy to consume. These antibiotics not only keep the life of birds healthy, but also prevent these birds from various diseases such as bird flu, which can be further passed to the people eating it.

All these ingredients not only give quality check, but are beneficial.