Dec 24

How to Protect The Christmas Tree From Your Cats?

Any sort of Christmas celebration is incomplete without decorating a Christmas tree. The majestic trees in the living room decked out with lighting, balls and other glittery items are something that goes without saying. Decorating the Christmas tree is one task that is enjoyed by people of all age group, irrespective of their gender or personality. However, the task is not really a cake walk for the feline lovers. The cats are basically the destroyer of decors all parties and get-togethers, but they take special pleasure in knocking down the decoration items of the tree. They clamber onto the branches of the tree and don’t even hesitate in knocking down the entire tree sometimes. They even hurt themselves in the process.

Listing out the steps to decorate the tree is not enough for all the people who has got kitties at their place. So, the article has listed the various ways through which you can protect your Christmas trees from your felines. Check them out.

Before you protect the tree, you need to protect your kitty. So, choose a tree that is safe for your pet. They might chew the leaves and end up having allergies and other problems. So, check the internet and find out which one is safe for them. Inquire the shopkeeper about the same. Artificial Christmas trees are a much safer option.
You will have to think smartly when you are dealing with the intelligent felines. Keep the decoration of the lower part of the tree subtle while you can use your creativity at the upper part. The lower part will be more visible to the kitty and this may lead to more potential dangers. Keep the tree in a place where there is no furniture around, otherwise, it will become easy for them to climb.
Cats have a special love for balls. Avoid the use of the same. If you still want to put them on the tree, then, you will have to get the same types of balls for your kitty. Get some new cat toys for the feline. This will keep her busy and engaged. Play and spend time with her because the moment she is bored of the toys, she will attack the decors.
Use your imagination and decorate the tree differently. Use the items that adorn the event, but at the same time, it is not intriguing to the feline. You can use some cute socks. This will look good and the feline will be least interested in them. The cat stocking hanging from the tree will be enticing for your guests and won’t catch the attention of the cat. You can even use the cat socks in decorating your place as well. This will give you a contrasting interior and will be cat proof.

It may sound impossible, but getting a cat proof decoration for Christmas is possible. Felines react to certain things in a different manner, but still, they have a very predictable nature. Just do a bit of thinking and you will be able to find a way.